Interview with kinkster Max

“I locked the cb and decided to live a different life”


Hello, please describe which personal fetishes and kinks you have
I like to wear Rubber and Leather, not only in sessions, but also for myself when I’m at my own. Fetish symbolizes a part of me. Fetish clothing tells a lot, and triggers even more in others minds. The sexual aspect is blessing and curse at the same time, caue it brings sexual pleasure but also prejudices. It gives me sexual pleasure and satisfaction which I can live out when I’m a slave. To live as a kink slave has lots of different aspects, even more if one chooses a quite extreme form of it, as I do. For that it often lacks sympathy. Next to serving a dom, I also like to find new challenges, which I don’t necessarily need to enjoy. It gives relief to me, wearing gear and fulfilling others withes and orders and put their satisfaction first. So I ease a Dom’s life.

You lived for 16 months as a kink slave. Please describe how it all started?
After I dealed with the aspect of sexual „Enslavement“ since I was 17, and tested myself a few times, the urge to serve developed. At first it was enough for me, to get used for a few hours; outdoor, piss play, hard sessions and „normal“ stuff. All of this wasn’t enough for me, when I was 22, and so I was looking for a permanent enslavement. There were several disappointments. At the beginning I was looking for a particluar age and body. After a period of time, I changed that, and thought to myself: as slave you get choosen. I don’t choose. This led to successful contacts.

There still remaind some barriers like local distance, or the lack of sympathy with other persons. IN June 2013, when I was 23 years old, something changed. I got a contact to a person, only 10 minutes away from me. After 4 hours of chatting, he demands to see me, to test, if I take all of it seriously. I was excited, but disappointed him, cause I appeared in a pullover and jeans. He gave me the chance, to come back again within 30 minutes. I came back in full leather. He looked at me and touched me, after that we had a detailed two-hour conversation, on a possible enslavement and what that would mean. He was sure, he wanted it. But he gave me 24 hours to decide. Exactly after this time ran out, he came to my flat, pulled down my trousers and put a cb on me, and let it unlocked. No I had the choice: Go on as I knew it, or lock the cb and change my life. I locked the cb and decieded for another life. He gave me the feeling of security, and I trusted him, although I didn’t know much about him. It made me horny to know, thay many changed would come now.

How was your everyday-life at that time?
He more and more took over control over my life; chats and mobile phone was controlled on regular basis. I had to tell him where I were , when he asked so. This should make me stay at home. The first hours of being a slave I was tied up, while he was looking through my flat. To fulfill his sexual desires, the bedroom was build to a playroom within a few days. My everyday-life changed, I lived a normal life only during the times, being at work. Cause it was clear for both, that gear would not be possible at work, I had to wear plain clothing, own clothing was not necessary anymore. Immediately after work, I had to wear my gear and had to send a picture as a proof. Daily I had to show myself in gear to go shopping, to a doctor and other stuff too. These changes weren’t unnotified in my home town. My everyday-life was in gear all the time for 1,5 years; contacts to my family and friends were reduced to ne absolute necessary and I needed a permission for that. At times, I didn’t knew before, he entered my flat, to get served and get rid of his frustration. During the first weeks all went almost tenderly, but after that he acted more roughly. He brought me to my limit, and I had more and more restrictions in my life. Every further restriction and rule aroused me even more and felt like fulfillment. I knew it was the right decision, and didn’t miss anything. It were very intensive 1,5 years, which brought me to my limits and gave me maximal pleasure.

How did it all end?
After that I fell into a sort of limbo, after he ended it cause of health reasons. I had to find back in a self-controlled life. It costed friends; contact to my family is still limited. Acceptance to such a life is not widespread, especially in a little town, where I live. But every end is a new start, in this case in a new city. Should anyone ask me, if it was woth to lost family and friend, the answer would be: yes.

Please describe the difficulties you faced on your way
I had to fight with barriers and ich had to see myself as I am. That was difficult. It was hard, to cut of contacts and to live a less accepted life. There were always hostilities: the „pervert“, „that’s sick“. I had to learn to live with that, and to be above it all. That led to a better self-confidence and to a fulfilled life. Difficulties are just bigger challenges, i would say.

Are there any special conflicts you experienced while living out your fetish?
Society reacts quite hostile to that, eyes can say so much. But if you be true to yourself you can deal with it. Of course my family don’t like it, but you can reduce it, while you’re with them. No one would say anything against a leather shirt or a leather trousers.

Please describe an experiences, you liked in that phase you’ve told about.
One was very physical: One day he whipped me quite hard, never that hard before, the body was full of marks, the skin was full of adrenaline and I was totally happy, to feel my body to such an extent. I was proud, to have a marked body and satisfied my master.

Can you desribe, when you discovered your fetish for the fist time?
I felt at an early age, I had fetishes. At the beginning it was about „shiny“ shorts. I saw them at other guys in school in 8th grade and liked it quite much. After that I had more interest in Sportswear. But I meantioned, I didn’t wanted to wear my own ones but used ones. One time i took sweatened Sportswear out of a suitcase of my cousing after his football training. When i became older I bought my first leather trousers, and then more and more after that.

What are your plans for your future?
I want to go on integrating my fetish in my life, maybe even more as I do know. I will go on being a slave, but I’m not sure whether in a permanent Master/Slave-relationship. I would like to offer myself as a free slave. But for that I have to overstep some barriers, which still exist.

Thanks for this interview!

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(Interviewer: Michael)

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