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Interview with kinky artist Rubber_boy_artist

“It is easier for me to express myself, my interests and desires through graphics”

Hello Dmitry, nice to have you here for this interview. Some people possibly know your graphics, because you made many of them for a famous Berlin fetish shop. Please tell us: what do you want to express when you are drawing?
Drawing has always allowed me to explore the object of my interest. In the process of creating a drawing, I immerse myself as much as possible in the object I study. At the same time, while working on the sketch, I develop and transform my idea. Thus, each new drawing is a new little story for me. The story that excites me. Therefore, everything that I create on paper or in digital art is a reflection of the themes and images that excite me the most.

Why do you prefer drawing? Where’s the difference for you to photography and other kinds of arts?
Drawing has always been a part of me and therefore it is easier for me to express myself, my interests and desires through graphics. Since the rubber fetish is also a significant part of my life, it began to be reflected in my work and eventually became the main theme of my drawings. I also love photography and sometimes take pictures in which I create fetish images that I like. However, I do not consider myself a photographer and I think that it is easier for me to create the image I need in a drawing, where for me there are no restrictions, I can create exactly what I have imagined.

When and how did you find out you like kinky art?
I think that I created my first kinky art about 10 years ago. At that time, I was actively looking for the main theme for my art. At the same time, I began to discover the fetish world. And if earlier I simply did not understand with whom I could share my art, then after I discovered the world fetish community to whom I could show my drawings. I always believed that every piece should have its own audience and finally I found it.

Do you have personal fetishes?
As I said earlier, the rubber fetish is an integral part of me. I realized this already in childhood, and with time it only strengthened in me. A strong impetus in the development of my fetish came when I saw the first pictures of guys in heavy rubber suits on the Internet. Then I realized that I am not alone in my desires and there are a large number of people who love what I love. I also find other fetishes very attractive, such as leather fetish or classic costume fetish, but for me it’s more of a visual aesthetic – I like to look at it or paint it and don’t practice it in real life. But who knows, maybe in the future this will also enter my life 🙂

What kind of techniques do you use for drawing?
Lately I have been mainly creating digital art. Now it is easier for me, as an artist, to work in this particular technique, since it saves time, makes it possible to print in any size and sell art simply by sending it by e-mail. However, sometimes I draw black and white graphics on paper, and of course any sketches for future art I do on paper by hand.

How do you find your subjects?
Most often I do not have to look for ideas, they appear by themselves and there are always more of them than I have time to draw (I always dreamed of having an extra 24 hours a day to implement all my ideas). I may be inspired by someone’s photographs or videos, but also a character or a scene can appear out of nowhere, just with a white sheet of paper and a pencil in hand.

Can you please describe your development as an artist?
I have been drawing since childhood and this was my main hobby. The first step towards professional study was entering an art school. Then there was graphic design at the university, where painting and drawing were also taught. During and after my studies, I participated in many exhibitions in my city and in some other cities of Russia. However, the creation of works on generally accepted and approved topics did not bring me complete satisfaction in creativity.

Are there any role models for you as artist?
To the thought that I could create fetish art, I was prompted by the illustrations by Tom of Finland, Bastille and Rex. I never tried to copy someone’s style, I wanted to develop my own, but I think these artists had a certain influence on me.

Which kind of situations and scenes do you like most for drawings?
Most of the time I paint scenes with 1-2 characters, paying particular attention to their rubber gear. It is always important for me to emphasize the sexuality of a character by what kind of rubber clothes and accessories he is wearing. Such details can tell the viewer what he loves and what he wants. Well, most of the time my characters love what I love 🙂

Kinky art is about showing and displaying: What means intimicy, privacy und self-expression for you when you’re making art?
I have never been a public person, so the best way for me to communicate with the fetish community is art. This is the field in which I can express myself one hundred percent. I can show who I am and what I love through my drawings. And even if I publish my own photos in fetish social networks, I prefer to hide my face under a rubber mask, however, not because I want to remain unrecognized, but rather because this masked face is also my face.

Which plans and aims to you have concerning your art?
My plans are to further hone my own style and embody all those images for which there has not yet been time. And of course share them with the viewer 🙂

Dmitry, thanks for this interview!

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(Interviewer: Michael)

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