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Kink Life Aspect
Overview of safety concepts for kink play

How to act safe in kink play? What does SSC, RACK or PRICK mean? This article gives a short overview of safety concepts for kink play…
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10 October 2020

Kinkster portrait
“My interest in the fetish community has made me closer to myself and the person I want to be”

In our interview Latex.rush talks about prejudices in the community against people of colour, and what fetish personally means to him…
30 September 2020

Kinkster portrait
“Being myself with no shame
and screaming it out loud”

Dreamer95 talks about the importance of having and living one’s dreams, dealing with fetish towards family, and about what fetish personally means to him… 
06 September 2020

Kinkster portrait
“Fetish also makes me feel free, even if I am tied up, or completely in trance”

Rubberfenix talked about the situation for kink people in Mexico, his work as co-producer of „Mr Rubber Mexico“ and how he discovered his own passion for rubber.… →
31 August 2020

Kinkster portrait
“Chastity has slowly changed the way I approach sexual gratification”

James talks about what it means to be owned, living in chastity and the feeling of losing control in a session… 
30 August 2020

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“I’m often happiest when tied up and left for a while to just ‘be’”

Coyote talks about what submission and serving a Dom means to him, and explains, what he likes about rope bondage… 
16 August 2020

Kinkster portrait
“I locked the cb and decided to live a different life”

Max from Germany talked about his desire to live as a sexual slave. He tells about a period in this life, where he lived this way for 1,5 years… 
(auch auf deutsch 🇩🇪)
13 August 2020

Kinkster portrait
.“It just means true freedom”

In our interview “Rubber Toy” describes the situation for queer kinky people in the Middle East where he lives, and he talks about what fetish means to him…
09 August 2020

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“When I get to gear up and become the gimp, it is a freeing experience”


In our interview Gimpskinfag talked about what being a gimp means, pain in sessions and early kinky experiences…
(auch auf deutsch 🇩🇪)
02 August 2020

Kinkster portrait
“For me fetish is much more than sex”


Dan talks about fetish in everyday life, the difference between fetish and sex, and his feelings while being in bondage…
(auch auf deutsch 🇩🇪)
26 July 2020

Kinkster portrait
“No shame, no judgement, no regrets.”


I talked to Marcbound about strict bondage, early kinky experiences and favourite session noises…
17 July 2020



Hello you kinksters out there 🙂 Here I want to introduce my new Blog…
03 July 2020

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