Interview with kinkster Gimpskinfag

“When I get to gear up and become the gimp, it is a freeing experience”

Published on 2 August 2020
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Hello, nice to have you here for this interview. Can you describe what having a fetish means to you?
My idea of what a fetish is in my life has broadened dramatically in the 10 years I’ve been active in the community. When I get to gear up and become the gimp, it is a freeing experience. When I’m the gimp all I have to do is obey. I don’t have to worry about work drama, the scary dark hellscape of a world we’re currently living through, or anything that really matters. I often describe it to people who are curious as a ‘mental vacation.’ The other factor in how I feel is how long I’ve been locked, chastity is one of my first and main kinks. The longer I’ve been locked, the more I need to gear up as the gimp or in other gear.

You see yourelf as a gimp. Can you please explain, what the term „gimp“ means to you?
I sort of touched on this in the last question, but I’ll elaborate a bit. Being a gimp at this point is part of my identity. For me, there are two gimp modes, a public mode, and a private mode. At my local bar, which is not a kink exclusive bar but hosts our local leather group and pup group (SVAPAH), I’m often referred to as ‘that gimp guy’ or just ‘the gimp.’ I enjoy being in full rubber especially out and about. Being the gimp is mainly about my mental vacation time but the other aspect of it is the gimp can do and enjoy things I can’t. Even though it’s just a thin layer of 0.4 mm latex, it might as well be kevlar. When I’m out at events in my gimp gear, I’m way more social and outgoing than the regular me would be. When I was at Mid-Atlantic Leather last year I was pretty much gimpped out the entire time and the elevator operators and hotel staff would remember me and one older elevator operator danced with me in the elevator and even wanted a picture with me. In my regular life, I would never be that outgoing. When I’m in gear at the bar out at events I try my absolute hardest to be friendly and approachable so anyone who’s curious about rubber or being a gimp can come and talk with me. Now in private when it is just me and my Sir or BF or just play being a gimp is about just being a sex toy to be played with and put away. There is no happier place for me than being used hard and then used as a boot rest while my Sir or the Dom relaxes. Or stored away. Storage is a big part of being a gimp for me. I don’t really call it bondage because bondage is something you do to humans and the gimp is not human it is an object meant to be used and put away when it is not being used.

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When have you discovered your fetish for the first time?
Oh wow, well my fetishes certainly developed before my sexuality did. I can remember being obsessed with Under Armour (Sport Gear) gear when I first saw it when I was young like 10 or 11. I got my first piece of Under Armour gear when I was in middle school, I was a green compression shirt that I still have and can just barely squeeze into. I wore that shirt so much I’m surprised it didn’t disintegrate. Another vivid memory I have that I can trace my kinks back to is when I was very, very young, probably before school age, I took a roll of plastic kitchen wrap and stretched it as tight as I could and wrapped my body. I enjoyed the tightness of it and the stretchy shine that it gave my skin. I have a pretty good memory and if I think hard enough I can trace some of my kinks back to things like that. I guess I’m just wired to enjoy certain kinks. I first got to try real kinks for the first time in High School. I had an Amazon account and saved up and ordered a chastity cage. When I first put that on and felt myself try to get hard and press against the confines of the cage, it was like everything fell into place. I remember thinking this is what I need. I need to be controlled and denied. It was sort of the first time I was honest with myself about my kinks and sexuality. After that experience, I felt guilty and shoved it in a box and hid it for a few years until I was in college and was more accepting of myself.

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You talked about your early fetish memories. How did your development went on?
When I got to college I was a bit more open about who I was. I still lived with my parents and that caused some friction but I started talking to people online and joined a bunch of the apps and even started meeting people. I had some major conflicts, being a masochist is hard in a world that doesn’t understand it being kinky is hard in a conservative area. I remember having to cover some major bruises and welts. I was caught a few times with marks on me and my mom thought my ‘boyfriend’ at the time was abusing me that was an awkward conversation, to say the least.

Does your fetish takes place in your everyday-life?
It’s honestly a blend, I am almost always in some form of gear even if it’s just a jockstrap under my clothes and a nice pair of boots. I certainly wear gear and my kinks in a sexual way, but I enjoy integrating my kinks and fetishes into my life. It’s mostly about being honest with myself. I was ashamed and hid my kinks and sexuality for years and I feel like I missed out on a good deal of fun because of it. So now I don’t hide or apologize for who I am; I don’t rub it in peoples’ faces but it is not a part of me that I’m hiding either.

Can you describe what pain means to you in kinky situations?
Pain is a NEED for me. It’s something I crave somedays more than others but it’s always there. Somedays I need to be beaten until I’m slumped over other days I just some spanks satiate me. Pain is like a drug for me. I crave it and when I get it afterward I’m completely content and happy with the world. If I’m having a terrible day I can get a beating and afterward I’m much better. My Sirs and I recently filmed a scene where I was whipped and afterward my Sir said I, “looked like I was stoned.” I was just happy and floaty and ‘pain drunk’. My love of pain is partly about what it does to me but, I enjoy suffering and pain even more when I know someone else is getting off on my pain too. And that again factors back into being a gimp. I love knowing I’m a stress reliever for my Sir.

How did you change as a person over the years while living out your fetish?
Mainly I’ve become much more open and honest. I told myself years ago I’m not apologizing or hiding who I am anymore and for the most part, I’ve lived up to that. I’m living my life for me. I don’t need approval from other people or my biological family. If you don’t like me for what and who I am fine but I’m not changing or walling off parts of my life so someone else can be comfortable with who I am. Fetish and kink have really given me the power to be okay with who I am. And the past few years have been some of the best so far. I go out to events at my bar, I go to major fetish events, I have a Sir, I have a real boyfriend for the first time. My life has been pretty good since I started being honest about my kinks and to myself.

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When you think back: Can you please tell us of one of your hottest experiences concerning fetish you’ve had so far?
For years I had been obsessed with single tail whipping. I watched tons of whipping scenes on various sites read stories about it. And just by chance one day I was browsing on an app and there was a guy not too far away advertising looking for a masochist. It turns out after a few days of chatting he was very skilled with a whip. He was a fairly in shape navy guy that lived just a few miles from me. When we finally met he was everything I could have imagined, he was wearing tight wranglers and nice cowboy boots. He was all business, as soon as I got there he strung me up in his garage and got to work. The first lash of the whip cut through me like a lightning bolt it was like my mind went blank and that hit was the only thing that existed in the universe. He made sure I was okay and he kept going with slightly light hits until I was warmed up and he was going full force. I had a friend there with me because he told me I would not be able to drive after and he was right. When he was finally done whipping me I was completely limp and just collapsed in a pile on the floor. It took a few minutes for my friend and him to get me to have control of my extremities again and start talking (I often become non-verbal and shake and shiver when I’m really deep in ‘subspace’) The next thing I remember is waking up in my bed very sore and very happy.

Thanks for this interview!

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