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“Freedom, fun, enthusiasm, strength, disconnection from the routine and relaxation”

In this interview Lex talks about his passion for rubber, heavy rubber, diving suits and about early kinky experiences 
13 June 2021


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“Serious, completely stuck, can’t get out, level of bondage”

In this interview Boundtight85 explains, what he likes about bondage, he talks about great sessions and early kinky experiences 
6 June 2021


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“I’m obsessed with gear”

In this interview GearMedic talks about his passion for gear, his favourite noise and sight during a session, and about his best kink experiences 
26 May 2021

History of Latex Fetishism

Kinkster whiteout talks about the first piece of fetish clothing, magazine- and illustration-heroes, and social and cultural difficulties for early fetishists
1 April 2021


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“It’s the ultimate way of relaxing for me, because my mind goes blank the instant the cell door locks”

Read in this interview about plastic_spork’s experiences of being in a cell for several days as part of a kink play, and of how he’s built an own cell in his flat
12 March 2021

Social or Unsocial Media?

Kink Culture
Social or Unsocial Media?
A Kinkster’s Perspective

Social competition, a pressure to present oneself, and few real social contacts? This text is about what it means for kinksters to be in social media, how we benefit from it as a global community as well as how we are experiencing its disadvantages…
3 March 2021

Unrestrained 888 de

„Wenn ich meinen Fetisch auslebe, fühle ich mich als ehrlichste Version von mir selbst“

In unserem Interview spricht Chris darüber, wie er seine Kinks entdeckt hat, über seine Gefühle, während er im Sub-Space ist, und, wie das Ausleben seiner Kinks und Fetische viele positive persönliche Veränderungen für ihn gebracht hat… Read more ->

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Marcbound de

„Keine Scham, kein Verurteilen, kein Bereuen”

In unserem Interview spricht Marcbound über striktes Bondage, frühe kinky Erfahrungen, darüber, den Mut zu finden, erste Treffen zu haben, und über Lieblings-Session-Geräusche… mehr lesen ->

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