Mumification de

“Es macht mich nichts geiler, als ein hilfloser Blick aus einem mit Tape umwickelten Gesicht eines Subs, während er stöhnt”

In unserem Interview spricht Safeandbound darüber, wie “Mumifizierung” als kinky play funktioniert, welche unterschiedlichen Typen es gibt und warum After-Care wichtig ist. Dieser Text enthält auch ein “Basic Facts” zum Thema “Mumifizierung”… mehr lesen ->

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Nighty de

“Die Rolle des Ponys oder Pferdes vervollständigt meine Persönlichkeit”

Nighty spricht in unserem Interview über seine Erfahrungen im Ponyplay und was es für ihn bedeutet, ein Pony zu sein… Read more ->

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Kinkster Portrait
„When I enact on my fetishes I feel like I am being the most honest version of myself“

In our interview Unrestrained888 talks about how he found out he’s kinky, he talks about being in subspace and about what positive changes in his life all that brought
6 December 2020

Matteo Matt

Kinkster Portrait
Taking and giving up control, feeling freedom in bonds, and rope work between aesthetic, sensation and excitement

In our interview we talked about passion for rope bondage, interaction between rigger and rope model and the aesthecial and sexual dimension of rope bondage (Shibari)
28 November 2020


“Fetish to me means living your life without caring about what other people think”

In our interview Kinksteire talks about how he lives his fetish, early experiences with kink and about body issues and other problems in the kink community… Read more ->


“It gave me a level of self-confidence that I would never have reached without starting pony play”

In our interview Nighty talks about his experiences in pony play and what being a pony means to him… Read more ->


“Fetish causes me to feel a connection to a person or thing and feeling nothing but passion for it”

Prince.Rubber talks about wearing rubber in public, his own journey of being a kinkster and what fetish means to him… Read more ->