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← Follow this blog onTwitter and Instagram Entrevista con el ilustrador kink Theartoffetish “Adoro dibujar retratos de chicos amordazados, con miradas intensas y expresivas” Publicado el 11 de octubre de 2020Click here for an english version of this article 🇬🇧 Hola Alberto, me alegro de tenerte aquí para esta entrevista. ¿Qué quieres expresar con tus ilustraciones kink?Bueno, depende de lo que me disponga a dibujar en el momento: a vecesContinue reading “Theartoffetish spanish”

Latex Rush

“My interest in the fetish community has made me closer to myself and the person I want to be”

In our interview Latex.rush talks about prejudices in the community against people of colour, and what fetish personally means to him… Read more ->


“Fetish makes me feel free, even if I am tied up, or completely in trance”

Rubberfenix talked about the situation for kink people in Mexico, his work as co-producer of „Mr Rubber Mexico“ and how he discovered his own passion for rubber… Read more ->