History of Latex Fetishism

“It’s important to look back so we can honor those who walked through great uncertainty and risk”

The history of latex fetishism is a story of fights for freedom, of hiding ones desires from public, facing juristical threats and being culturally discriminated. For all that, many figures fought for progress and founded magazines, clothing companies, communities and dating platforms. whiteout went to archives and made some videos, which gave an overview on several developments within the latex fetish community. In this interview he talks about the first piece of clothing, which gave fetishists pleasure, about magazine- and illustration-heores, and about the social and cultural situation for early fetishists… Read more ->

Social or Unsocial Media?

Social or Unsocial Media?
A Kinkster’s Perspective

Social competition, a pressure to present oneself, and few real social contacts? This text is about what it means for kinksters to be in social media, how we benefit from it as a global community as well as how we are experiencing its disadvantages… Read more ->