Kinkster Portrait
“It’s the ultimate way of relaxing for me, because my mind goes blank the instant the cell door locks”

Read in this interview about plastic_spork’s experiences of being in a cell for several days as part of a kink play, and of how he’s built an own cell in his flat
12 March 2021


Kinkster Portrait
„When I enact on my fetishes I feel like I am being the most honest version of myself“

In our interview Unrestrained888 talks about how he found out he’s kinky, he talks about being in subspace and about what positive changes in his life all that brought
6 December 2020


“To be bound tightly for an extended period gives me focus: it sends me deep into that subspace where I feel most comfortable”

James talks about what it means to be owned, living in chastity and the feeling of losing control in a session… Read more ->