I love to draw pictures of gagged guys with their intense and expressive gaze

Kinky illustrator Theartoffetish talks about his love for gags, how he works and who the role models for his work are… (También en español 🇪🇸) Read more ->

“I want to catch a moment and the viewer to say: ‘that’s about me'”

In our interview Spurv, illustrator for a famous german gay magazine, talks about how he works and what he wants to express with his work… Read more ->

“It is easier for me to express myself, my interests and desires through graphics”

In our interview Rubber_boy_artist (you know his graphics from the design of a Berlin Rubber Shop) talks about how he works, what his role models are and why he prefers expressing himself by graphics… Read more ->

“Exploring kink is beautiful and freeing and is a great tool for self discovery”

In our interview Artbygosull talks about why doing art is a freeing experience, about role models and his artistical techniques… Read more ->

“An interesting pose, lighting, and an eye-catching feature like a peachy bum”

Ben from DIRTY talks about latex in fashion and how to find one’s own artistical way against institutional barriers… Read more ->


“With the portraits of others that I paint, I also enjoy the connection, the feeling of community and the giving aspect.”

I talked to Rubberex about what it means to him doing kinky art, where he gets his inspiration from and who his role models are… Read more ->