“Fetish causes me to feel a connection to a person or thing and feeling nothing but passion for it”

Prince.Rubber talks about wearing rubber in public, his own journey of being a kinkster and what fetish means to him… Read more ->

Latex Rush

“My interest in the fetish community has made me closer to myself and the person I want to be”

In our interview Latex.rush talks about prejudices in the community against people of colour, and what fetish personally means to him… Read more ->


“Fetish makes me feel free, even if I am tied up, or completely in trance”

Rubberfenix talked about the situation for kink people in Mexico, his work as co-producer of „Mr Rubber Mexico“ and how he discovered his own passion for rubber… Read more ->


“To be bound tightly for an extended period gives me focus: it sends me deep into that subspace where I feel most comfortable”

James talks about what it means to be owned, living in chastity and the feeling of losing control in a session… Read more ->

Rubber Toy

“It just means true freedom”

In our interview “Rubber Toy” describes the situation for queer kinky people in the Middle East where he lives, and he talks about what fetish means to him… Read more ->