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Interview with kinkster GimperLondon

“For me fetish is much more than sex”

Published on 26 July 2020

© GimperLondon

Hello GimperLondon, nice to meet you. Different people enjoy various aspects about rubber: the scent, the feeling of wearing it, how the surface feels like, the tightness, or the sound it makes while walking; what do you like most about it?
I really do like everything about rubber: The shine and sound it makes while moving around, the tightness and smell but what I like the most is when you sweat while wearing rubber. That’s why I love transparent rubber, because you can see those sweaty bodies.

So which personal fetishes do you have?
My main fetish is rubber as well as bondage, white socks and sneakers and breath control. I am very much into hoods and gags, bondage storage as well as edging and being a rubber slave or house boi.

What does living out your fetish mean to you?
Fetish is something really important to me. My fetish is who I am, it shows my personality, my emotions, my inner self. It makes me more open, it makes me brave and proud of who I am, it allows me to be comfortable in my own body.

© GimperLondon

When you think back a few years: what are your early memories in terms of your fetish?
I discovered my fetish when I was a child. I was always in love with latex gloves and I was wearing them everywhere. I even remember that when members of my family came to visit, they always brought some sweets for my sisters and a pack of latex gloves for me! Since I remember I always liked to watch movies when someone was kidnapped and tied. While playing outside with my friends I loved to take a role of a victim kidnapped and tied up by a thief or a criminal cuffed by a police officer. It was a really important part of me already in that early age and I knew it’s gonna develop even more.

How do you think, you have changed as a person over the years while living out your fetish?
I did change. What I mean is that thanks to my fetishes I realised and fully accepted my sexuality, became more open, brave and proud of who I am.

© GimperLondon

How is your fetish connceted to your sexuality?
For me fetish is something much more than sex. For many people fetish like wearing gear or doing bondage is just an addition to something much more important, which is sex and for those people, a huge majority, it’s difficult to understand that I’m not looking for sex in gear but for kinky sessions, during which having sex is mostly nonexistent.

Does your fetish take place in your everyday life?
My fetish is an integral part of my life and one of the most important things I got. My fetish is my sexuality and my fetish is my everyday life. I cannot imagine having ‘vanilla’ boyfriend because I do only kinky sessions (yes, not sex but kinky sessions). In the same way my fetish, especially my love of rubber, is a huge part of my regular lifestyle which means I do wear rubber clothes in public very often. I treat it not only as fetish but as fashion as well.

What kind of fetish clothing do you wear in everyday life situations?
I love to wear rubber polo shirts or tank tops while in public, thats why I got quite a lot of different colours and designs. Sometimes I buy rubber mainly to wear it outside, like my rubber jeans, which doesn’t look kinky but more like regural shiny clothing. Very often I wear my rubber jacket or hoody as well, especially during rainy days; it’s perfect protection.

Please describe what fascinates you about Bondage?
Being in bondage is something really difficult to describe. The whole idea of not being able to move, being at someone’s mercy, struggle to get out is something really hot and sensual! I love proper bondage, which means being tied up and gagged as tight as possible and left in the corner for hours, while my Master does his own things, where he does not pay attention to that rubber and tied up object left in the room. It is not only giving up your freedom, it’s giving up yourself for others pleasure as well as your own.

© GimperLondon

So you prefer being objectified and stored to serving a Dom or Master?
I do love both. Some days I just want to be tied up, gagged and stored in the corner of a room but I never say ‘no’ when a Master wants to tease me, edge me or make me serve him. I like boot sniffing and licking and being a rubber house slave ect. But in general, I’m 100% versatile and very well experienced in both roles because while still in Poland I had to be a Dom cause everyone else was a sub, haha. Since I’m in London I can live my sub fantasy out even more.

What’s your favourite gag?
I got two favourite types of gags: First is a ball gag. I love when its stripped nice and tight which makes you unable to speak and makes you drool a lot. I love drooling guys with ballgags in. The second type is a gag with white socks, as I mentioned before I do like socks as well, with a lot of layers of gaffa tape all over your face.

When you’re in bondage: what’s your favourite position?
My favourite bondage position is a hogtie, because it just looks great and is quite restrictive. Apart from that I also like mummification with strech foil and loads and loads of tape.

© GimperLondon

When you think back: desrcibe one of your hottest experiences concerning fetish you had so far?
Wearing rubber gear from head to toe, tied up and with a rubber straight jacket on the chair, not able to move at all, with ball gag in my mouth and a special hood, all secured with layers and layers of stretch foil.

What are your next plans or aims in terms of your kinky side of life?
I want to expand my collection of fetish gear – one never has enough rubber or bondage gear – and I want to meet more people who are proud of their fetish and want to share their experiences. I want to speak to people and make them proud of their fetish, because there are still plenty of gay people scared, afraid or ashamed with their kinky and fetish lifestyle.

GimperLondon, thanks for this interview!

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(Interviewer: Michael)

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