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“We want to encourage people to accept their fetishes and live them out”

Published on 29 August 2021

About the “Kink Socials”-Series

Since the corona pandemic is slowly coming to an end, people turning back to meet in real life. But apart from that, it is always an important topic whithin the kink community how to balance real social life and virtual social life. With all articles in this “kink socials”-series I want to introduce a few kink social groups, and want to show, that they are an imprtant part of the kink community. Maybe this leads to other new groups, which were found elsewhere.


The third part of the “kink social series” is about the Leather Friends Italia (LFI).

Hello Andrea, please describe, what the reason was for you to establish your group „LFI“?
Leather Friends Italia was born in 2010 by the effort of some friends who have taken up the challenge of re-launching the fetish world in Italy. The historic Italian MLCV group that coordinated and organized events and parties in the Veneto region had died out and it seemed that the passion for leather, latex, and fetish clothing was now forgotten or completely inexistent. It was not like this! Each Italian region concealed enthusiasts who wish to attend events without necessarily having to cross national borders. Leather Friends Italy, from those first seven friends, has spread the word, invited, and advocated up to the current group that has about 80 members of different ages and backgrounds, fetishist tastes with many facets, desires and expectations among the most varied.

What kind of events are you releasing in your group?
Mostly every month we organize a party in a different city: Milano, Padova, Florence, Verona… We want to give the opportunity to people to reach out to us for various activities such as fetish parties, dinner, social and cultural visits. There are many and different possibilities for people to enjoy their time with Leather Friends Italia. Our website and social profiles are always updated with the next events and so that’s the best way to see when you could meet us next.


To what extent are you connected to other groups and are you also acting on a political level?
We are part of ECMC, the club who collects all the European fetish clubs. We also cooperate with other italian clubs, for example to the election of Mr. Leather Italia and Mr. Rubber Italia. It’s always a pleasure to build friendships with other people sharing our passion. We don’t act on a political level, we want to make LFI as a free space for everyone without a specific political identity. We support of course the LGBT values and we take part as a group to the celebration of Pride.

How is the age structure of your members and your visitors?
Leather Friends Italia members represent a good mix of ages, from young guys who are looking for support and guidance at the beginning of their “fetish life“ to the well navigated men who already know what they want (if it does exist) lol. But as it can be seen from the board of LFI we have young members willing and happy to participate in the association and to put their effort as older members into the growth and continuation of it. We are also happy to welcome and host at each event a good group of foreign people from all around Europe.


How do you deal with the topic of kink/fetish in public spaces?
Kink in public spaces is similar as other main european countries: it is allowed but still unusual to go out to the city center in full rubber or full leather. There are many places as restaurants or pizzerias and bars that know us and are always happy to host a fetish group, so we cannot complain about our visibility in public spaces!

Can you describe the fetish scene in Italy and the cultural surroundings in the italian society for kinksters?
As a catholic and sunny country, people could think that being a kinky man could be a problem in Italy, luckily we’re in 2021 and the world is evolving. Today Italy can offer many kinds of fetish parties, also in the straight community. Often we’re invited to cooperate and to take part at the events of italian „non gay“ groups, and it supports the idea that our country doesn’t live in the Middle Ages


What would you tell someone, who is interested in visiting your group, but still hasn’t the courage to appear at an event?
This is probably the main effort of Leather Friends Italy. We want to encourage people to accept their fetishes and live them out, explore the world around them and meet like minded people in safe spaces.
We welcome all to our events, people with tons of gear and those still looking to buy their first item. We know that everyone started from zero and we don’t judge those just starting for that cause we all have been there. Our goal is to help everyone be part of our community!

The social life of kinksters takes place to a great extent on a virtual level. Not only since Corona, but also because of geographical distances between different kinksters. What’s your opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of virtual social life and real social life?
The „virtual life“ could help to shorten the distances, but often there is the risk to build a wall from the desires and the true fetish life. I mean, we are real, there are many occasions to act and to get to know fetish people, but sometimes it seems, that some kinksters are not able to do the big step, it’s easier to stay behind the fetish app than drink a beer face to face.


Can you describe how you for yourself found out that you have some kinks and fetishes? Were there any initial events?
I think that the seeds of my fetish life were planted since I was child, a sort of „natural“ thing inside me. I started collecting pictures from magazines, watching movies and TV-films with people in leather gear and gloves till the moment when the Internet showed me that I was not the only one in the world with this kind of impure thoughts! I discovered the MLCV group in my area and I started to take part at their parties. The history restarted from here, because they were the last years of that club. With the last 7 friends of MLCV we decided to rebuild a new club: Leather Friends Italia.

What are future plans for your group?
We want to look at the future with courage and the 2021-2022 calendar is already online. We planned 8 events from september till june 2022, a mixture of parties, social meetings, time with friends and always good food (we are in Italy after all).

Thanks Andreas for this interview!

Have a look on LFI’s website, and follow them on Instagram and on Facebook

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