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Interview with kinkster Safeandbound on mummification play

Nothing makes me hornier than a taped guy’s face with helpless eyes while he moans

published on 11 January 2021

© Safeandbound

Hello Safeandbound, nice to have you here for this interview. Can you please describe, what mummification play is about?
Mummification sessions are a long process, that’s why I like to take my time and make the best out of it. I like to think carefully about what kind of mummification I’m gonna be making, how long it will take, and to be sure, that the person mummified will be able to stay like that for the time I have in mind.

There are three important steps during a mummification:

  • The wrapping, that is the mummification itself.
  • The fun, that would be all the things you do to the mummified person.
  • And the aftercare, just after the person gets unwrapped.

A mummification session can be as long as you want it to be. The victim decides, how long it will be. Normally I leave it to the mummified person. I mean, I can joke and tease him about leaving him like that for hours, but if I feel the person is not comfortable, or wants to get out, I won’t force him to stay like that against his will.
Like everything in Bondage and BDSM, it’s about confidence between the persons practicing this kind of fun. You won’t see me getting mummified by someone I don’t feel it will make me feel safe once he is allowed to take the control of my body.

Which preparations do you take before a mummification session?
I like to be relaxed and in a good mood, so I put some music on the background and spend some time having a good conversation with the person which is about to get mummified. If I’m nervous, and sometimes I’m VERY nervous (especially when meeting someone for the first time), I have a joint to make it easier.
I prepare all the material, the plastic and tape rolls and the toys, and we decide how we gonna do it, or I decide it myself, depending on how submissive the victim is.

© Safeandbound

How do you interact with the sub before you start the session?
I don’t like to just go for it. I like to have conversations before the action starts, so I can get to know a bit more about the person I’m gonna wrap in layers of plastic wrap and tape, and about what he likes and how he likes it. I offer him a drink or my joint if he smokes too, and try to make him feel relaxed and calmed if I see he’s not. The more comfortable the person feels with you, more things you will be allowed to do with him.

What’s important for the quality of the material you use?
I use different kinds of tape: duct tape, pvc tape, packing tape…But ALWAYS put plastic wrap under it, so the skin and body hair do not get ripped off. The tape quality is important for me, but only depending on how I want it to look. For example, I like duct tape for a simple mummification, toes to head, or neck, but for more detailed stuff I like PVC tape, that looks super smooth. But in the end it’s up to yourself and how you like to do it, and everyone has their own preferences.

What different types of mummification do you like?
I guess, it’s depending on the material you use. You can mix the tape with rope to make it even harder to move, or put the mummy inside a rubber or leather sleepsack, or only use the plastic wrap. You can even add accessories like hoods, gags, masks, collars… But my favourite type is the classic plastic wrap and tape combo. Inside that, I wrap to the shoulders, to the neck or I am doing a full mummification including the head. No matter what kind, they will always have a good tape gag too, of course.

© Safeandbound

Do you have a particular after-care?
I take care of my victim from the beginning to the end of the session, cause it’s very important to make sure the person feels good throughout the whole experience.
Then after unwrapping the person, I give him some towels or blankets so he doesn’t get cold, cause after the session he will probably be very sweaty, and I also give him some water to drink. Then I make sure arms and legs are ok and nothing hurts, and if he has been a good boy, I reward him with some cuddles.

What is it, what you personally like about mummification (as Dom or sub)?
I love tape, as all my friends and followers already know. The texture, the smell, the sound it makes while you are wrapping someone, and how simple and effective it is. Also it is very easy to do if you know how to make it right, and one of the most comfortable ways to get tied up, very similar to being inside a sleep sack…but more tight and hot in my opinion.

Which is the most exciting moment for you in a mummification process?
I love when I finished wrapping the body and it’s time to wrap the mouth and get my victim gagged. I personally love to see the eyes, even if the rest of the face and head is taped. Nothing makes me hornier than a taped guy’s face with helpless eyes while he moans.

© Safeandbound

Which safety aspects are important in mummification play?
I take care of my victim from beginning to end. It’s very important to make sure the person does not get anxious or uncomfortable once he’s totally wrapped, or the session will be ruined. Make sure to put something soft between the knees and ankles or it will get very uncomfortable. Also be sure that the tape is tight, but not to the point your victim can’t breath or you will have to stop before you even start playing. I just don’t like to waste tape or make people feel too uncomfortable. Of course, you should have a safeword, just in case.

How can the sub say the safeword, when he is gagged?
I have a clear safeword, that is easy to understand even when the mummy is gagged. I’m not saying the word haha, but I can asure it is a word that is very easy to understand, and is not allowed to be used in any other context, before or after the session.

What kind of play do you like with mummies? Left them laying there? Cuddling? Teasing? Pain? Humiliation?
Depending on the mummified person, I like to do different stuff. I love to be a bit mean by teasing and edging the mummy, playing breathplay, nipple torture, do tickle his feet if they are not wrapped, or torture him with my stinky socks or do some face sitting. I also have lots of toys that I’m not afraid to use. But I also like to cuddle and kiss a lot. My perfect scenario is “Netflix and chill” with a mummified guy, cuddling before the things get more intense and naughty.
Whatever you do, make sure the mummy is having fun too, cause that’s what it is about.
Also, the sensorial deprivation is one of my favourite ways to have fun with a mummy. You blindfold, gag, put headphones on him, tape his nose with some used underwear or socks; his body is totally wrapped and the magic wand edges the mummy. You leave him like that, just like an object, helpless, with all his senses deprived… Just so hot.

© Safeandbound

What do you like as a mummification sub? The Tightness, loosing power, being dominated, feeling more sensitive for play?
I don’t get tied up easily, cause I’m not an easy sub and I love to have full control of the situation, so I need to trust the person a lot if he’s gonna wrap me in layers of plastic and tape. But once it happens, I love the feeling of being wrapped tight and unable to move or talk at all. You feel so helpless, when you give all the control to the other person.
Mummification, as bondage in general, is something that can be dangerous when done wrong, but very fun and enjoyable when done right; so take care of your mummy and respect the limits.

Safeandbound, thanks for this interview

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(Interviewer: Michael)

Further reading:

Basic Facts: Mummification play

What people like about it

  • Many like the feeling of loosing control over a sitution, the helplessness (towards a resonable Dom!)
  • The loss oft sexual control
  • Sensory Deprivation, higher sensivity of sensations, being isolated from the outer world while being in a protected space
  • The feeling of humiliation, especially for persons, who like the Dom/sub game

Types of mummifications

© Safeandbound
  • Wrapping of single zones: Only legs, arms, torso or lower body are wrapped. This is about restriction of the possibility to move in a safer scenario compared to other mummufication situations, while you still can enjoy the sensations of a mummification.
  • Partial mumifizierung: From neck to ankles; so breathing is still possible easily as well as communication; in this scenario further stuff like gags, blindfolds or other things can be used as well
  • Total mumification: From head to toes (including holes for breathing), the most dangerous form of mummification but that one with the strongest sensations

Materials for mummifications

  • Plastic wrap
  • Duct tape
  • PVC tape
  • Industrial tape
  • Cotton fabric
  • Plaster
  • Leather
  • Sleep sacks (different materials)

Tips for the mummification process

  • First wrap the chest area with plastic wrap (no duct tape on skin!) in crisscross over schoulders. While wrapping the chest area, the sub needs to take a deep breath, so it’s enough space for normal breathing for him.
  • Put the person in the position, where the play session finally should take place and then wrap the legs. It is important to put some pieces of cotton between the knees and ankles, otherwise it would be quite painful, when the wrap puts both legs together
© Safeandbound

Safety aspects

  • Communication is most important: before, during and after the session (also the ability to say „No“)
  • NEVER leave the sub alone!
  • Take care breathing is not affected
  • Prevent overheating, nerve damage, or restiction of blood circulation
  • Alcohol and drugs can affect the ability of reaction on both sides
  • Make sure a quick unwrapping is always possible (always have ready some EMT-, emergeny scissory (with round edges))
  • As a beginner, better start with a mummification of particular body zones
  • When the sub has not much experience of sensory seprivation, then start slowly; Doms must watch the sub’s reactions
  • Stop session if you see: blue lips, blue or purple fingertips or toes and nail beds, coughing, gagging, dizziness, excessive sweating, pale skin tone, unusual breathing, red or blotchy skin, shivering, shaking, slurred speech, unresponsiveness

(Author: Michael)

© Safeandbound


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