Welcome to my new blog

Hello and welcome to my new blog,

Today I’ve started this blog which is intended to be a platform for kink life in all its aspects. Here you can read articles on kinky artists, who draw, sketch and photograph scenes, you had never in your mind before. You can get to know some people and their kinky lifestyles. You can take new perspektives, can find some inspiration for yourself or get in touch with people you read about.

How this all should work:

I hope I can post articles here on regular basis to different aspects of kinky life. This all should be a combination of the aspects of the personal and sexual level of kinksters. In most occasions these to dimensions are seperated from each other in society: Either it is shown only a sexuality lacking person, or it is seen a person only consisting of its sexuality. Here should be a place where it can go together, which also can be an interesting and maybe inspirational thing for other kinksters to read. A further aspect can also be a “topic-interview”, which means to instroduce peoples view on different aspects of the kinky community: this could be safety tips, discourses within the community, some hints for cultural changing patterns as well as festivals and happenings.

A second dimension I would like to show on this blog is one about kinky art. This includes drawing, sketching, photography, maybe sculpting. Apart from that even rope bondage can be seen as art and could also be an aspect shown here. I would like to introduce the art and the artist in interviews here as well. To learn more about the artists view on his work as well as the person behind the work.

I don’t know where this all will end, so give it a try. If you want to write an article, have some comments or critcisms, please tell me. You can just use the contact form or reach me via Instagram 🙂

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