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“Kink is an ever expanding exploration and thats what is so fun about it”

Published on 25 September 2021

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Hello Jay, what does fetish and kink mean to you? Can you describe what kind of effects it has on you, how do you feel, when you live out your fetishes and kinks?
Being kinky and having a fetish I feel are really just an extension of myself, the part that desires, a part of who I am. I’m fortunate to be confident enough to not be afraid to express myself through that. If anything when I do live out my fetishes, mainly rubber, it makes me feel more confident and in a sense, free. Free to do what i want, when I want, unless i’m tied up obviously.

Can you describe situations and how you felt, when you discovered your fetishes/kinks for the first time?
I was a swimmer growing up and it’s something I’m still pationate about now, but I remember when I was younger wanting to know what it felt like to wear a swim cap over my entire body. I quite liked the feeling of it, the material, when it was tight. Through my years especially during the time when your body starts to feel things a little bit more, I stumbled across the realm of Tumblr. It was amazing to see that I wasn’t the only one who had these interests and just made me feel empowered to explore them more, even if I did have to wait a couple years.

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What kind of conflicts did or do you have during your journey through your fetish discovery?
Everyone’s journey into kink is different. It was a complicated time for me, not because I thought what I was feeling was wrong, but because I knew it wasn’t main stream so I had to hide almost everything on another side of my personality almost. Years later I’m glad that I don’t have those two sides of me anymore and that they’re comfortable with where each of them stands and can intertwine together to create something fun and exciting for me.

Please describe one of your hottest experiences concerning fetish you had so far?
Oh theres quite a few… the ones that stand out to me alot are always when I’m in a totally subby headspace, in the moment, just doing what is needed of me and feeling the sensations of what is happening to me, whether it be the rope across my bare skin, the tight rubber on my entire body, the pain of my nipples being tortured, the fucking machine in my ass going in and out, the electro making my hole pulse, the inflatable gag in my mouth leaving no room to make noise or the blindfold over my eyes just allowing me to focus on being a total gimp.

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Whats your favourite kinky session noise?
We all love a boy that moans. I’m definitely a moaner! I like to focus on noises tho, especially when blindfolded, its one of the only things that keeps you grounded, unless obviously your tied already and have sensory deprivation headphones on. Thats something which I’d like to explore more actually. Kink is an ever expanding exploration and thats what is so fun about it.

Please describe a fantasy you have of what you want still to experience in the area of kink play
I’d absolutely love love love to be used by machines! Full rubber gimp, made to take the onslaught of what is given. Completely covered head to toe in tight thick rubber with all the access, electro on my nipples, inflatable gag in my mouth with a ventilator attached to a blacked out gas mask, milking machine on my dick and fucking machine on my hole, all while completely bound and unable to move. That is my fantasy!

Thanks Jay for this interview!

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